Elevate Your Look and Home With Velvet

If you follow what's trending in fashion, you know that designers like Valentino, Derek Lam and Stella McCartney had their models strutting the runway wearing velvet. Yes, velvet is nothing new but it's back in full effect for Fall 2016. I normally don't care about being on trend but I truly love the luxe look of velvet. When done right, there's something sexy about this rich fabric.

The thickness and texture of velvet makes it more ideal to wear during the cooler seasons. 

When experimenting with velvet remember that less is always more so find one velvet favorite and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Add a subtle touch to your look and wear a velvet choker or clutch. Search Etsy.com for some affordable velvet accessories. Give your fall ensemble more dimension with heels or velvet boots. Try mixing velvet pieces with minimalistic silhouettes. Also a well cut velvet blazer can be easily incorporated into outfits and makes Sir or Madame look debonair.

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SIDE NOTE: I love when it's incorporated in home décor. I want a blue or green velvet couch or accent chair in my next apartment. Check out Anthropologies collection of velvet furniture by clicking here.

Image found via Reformation.com (which has some cute velvet dresses currently on sale) In this image you will find velvet dresses, shoes and clutch.

Image found via Reformation.com (which has some cute velvet dresses currently on sale) In this image you will find velvet dresses, shoes and clutch.

VENT MOMENT: I had the CUTEST black velvet dress in college. It was the only dress that could actually fit my body type from American Apparel. My friend borrowed the dress and I've never seen it again. Dress thief, you know who you are. I know who you are and I remember. RIP to that little black dress that every women should have in her closet.



Velvet can be on the pricey side so below are some of my affordable and semi-affordable velvet picks for fall 2016. All images are linked so you can shop and thank me later.

Every Stylish Girl

I am honored to be featured on the Instagram, Every Stylish Girl. ESG was founded by Nana Agyemang and is a visual platform that captures the stories and outfits of fashionable, women of color in the creative industry. Check out some of the photos from the shoot below.

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My shirt-dress ($8.00) and bandana ($5.00) is from L Train Vintage located on 111 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009. That's a bargain! Some thrift stores overcharge their customers and would charge close to $30.00 for this dress. The dress was made in El Salvador and I doubt I will find anyone wearing a replica. The style of the dress (that my step dad is convinced is a night gown) isn't necessarily something I would normally purchase. I decided to step out of my comfort zone - I had a vision. I styled this look to compliment the aesthetic beauty of the high line. It's better to experiment with fashion, even if you look back at your pictures, gag and scream what was I thinking!?!

If you have a great fondness for birds, the way I do for French Bulldogs here's some low to high end options in men, women (including plus sizes- hey curvy girls heyyy!) and children's options for you:

My metallic shoes "Flat Shoes With Brogue Detail" ($49.90) are from ZARA. You can purchase these shoes on Zara's website by clicking here or in store. I purchased the shoes at the Zara located on 39 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001. It was literally love at first sight. I couldn't find many metallic shoe options for my men. Fellas, If you're feeling crafty research tutorials on how to spray paint your old shoes or have your lovely lady or hubby do it for you. Yes, I meant to write hubby for my LGBTQI readers- Hey Boys! Check out these silver, metallic shoe options for men, women and children below: